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✨ Carlo Apollo with Newfloor: elegance and innovation in raised access floors ✨

Step into the world of elegance and innovation with Newfloor’s custom raised floors, enriched by the collaboration with the artisan-artist Carlo Apollo.

🎨 Carlo Apollo, with a Mediterranean heart and a Milanese soul, has developed API, a unique concept that has already captured the attention of international connoisseurs. Growing under the guidance of Mario Di Donato, a master of Italian architecture, Apollo blends traditional virtues with avant-garde, creating unique and ever-evolving designs.

💫 His workshop is the beating heart of this fusion, and thanks to the collaboration with Newfloor, we are bringing this blend of styles and innovation to custom raised floors.

🌳 Among the solutions of natural wood top coverings that Newfloor can offer, Carlo Apollo’s inlaid parquet is one of the most coveted choices. Inspired by the forms of nature, this ‘tailor-made’ floor is a masterpiece that combines ancient European oak with a phenolic birch multilayer, creating a total thickness of 15 mm.

🎭 With Newfloor, art and functionality converge, creating floors that tell stories of tradition and innovation, shaped by the craftsmanship of Carlo Apollo.

Welcome to a world where every step is a unique work of art!

PH: AC – Alberto Chiggiato