Family passion

“A passion from generation to generation. Because the production of raised flooring represents not only a job but the story that has marked my family. Every little detail, every new idea and cooperation, every doubt and solution found, day after day, together, until today.

This year in particular, after a long wait, we finally start again in the new corporate headquarters, created and designed for us, which represents our growth over the years and symbolizes the place that will accompany us in the coming years.“

Chiara Matterazzo, CEO

“Our family, who has always played an important role in the history of raised flooring, has contributed to its evolution and development. Today we renew our intent, perpetuating the same values that have always distinguished our family such as dedication, continuous research, attention to detail and highest level of customer service.“

Michela Matterazzo, CEO

Since 1986 we’ve been building our history step by step

Newfloor is a family-run Company in the Veneto Region in Italy, founded in 1986 after 10 years of experience in the timber sector. In the first years the company focused on the production for third parties, but then Newfloor decided to stand out from the competitors.

Thanks to the specialization in hard surfaces and non-standard dimensions, the company focused on tailor-made and customized products, without forgetting the innovative and technological side. Over the years the Company has registered two patents for industrial inventions: in 1998 a patent for a multiple porcelain grès tile raised flooring panel, edge- trimmed with a permanent and resistant joint, and in 2013 a Europe-wide registered brand for Freefloor, a dry self-laying flooring system.

In the last years, Newfloor has developed two products: Radiafloor, a raised floor with radiant module to heat and cool the floor and the S-lock system, a self-centering substructure for indoor systems. In 2020, the Company launches on the market not only Lumifloor, that lights up in the dark thanks to special pigments that are charged by sunlight, but also a couple of x-floor accessories and new coverings.

From 1994 the company plant is in Codevigo, between the Euganean hills and the Venice lagoon. It’s right in the Veneto territory that it was developed the Italian-style raised access floor, also thanks to the know-how acquired over time and to the right mix of craftsmanship and industry. The sales office in Cormano helps us to serve the Milan hinterland and the north-west territory, right in the other centre, the Lombard one, where the raised floor grow.




venezia leone san marco


Newfloor Established.


Manufacturing for third party / blue-chip brands in the ceramics sector.


Innovator in the ceramic and stone sector.


From the standard 60x60 cm panel format to more modern sizes.


Newfloor opens new headquarters in Codevigo, Padua.


Patent for the multiple porcelain grès tile panel, edge-trimmed with a permanent and resistant joint.


Newfloor enters the domestic and international markets with its own brand.


The Company patents the Freefloor system, a dry, self-laying floor.


Newfloor produces the Heating Module and self-centring substructore. New corporate identity.


3 new products are improved and developed: Radiafloor, S-Lock System and Lumifloor. Made in Italy Certification.


Expansion and redesign of Headquarters and new storage warehouse.


The manufacturing process line and the gasket S-Lock System are patented



There’s a story we have never got tired of telling in 30 years.
The Newfloor raised access flooring was born in 1986, from an idea of the Matterazzo family.
And since then, our ideas have been growing together with the projects and the needs of the people who trust in us for their indoor or outdoor spaces, residential or commercial buildings, institutional or exhibition centers.
Today our team counts on 30 people and we produce 300,000 square meters of raised floor every year, installed in more than 50 countries all over the world.
In 30 years many things have changed, but we still preserve the care and the passion arisen from a family adventure.

Mr. Umberto Matterazzo, President