There’s a story we have never got tired of telling in 30 years.
The Newfloor raised access flooring was born in 1986, from an idea of the Matterazzo family.
And since then, our ideas have been growing together with the projects and the needs of the people who trust in us for their indoor or outdoor spaces, residential or commercial buildings, institutional or exhibition centers.
Today our team counts on 30 people and we produce 300,000 square meters of raised floor every year, installed in more than 50 countries all over the world.
In 30 years many things have changed, but we still preserve the care and the passion arisen from a family adventure.

Mr. Umberto Matterazzo, President



Newfloor is a family-run company based in Veneto, Italy. Founded in 1986 our expertise is born out of 10 years of previous experience specialising within the timber sector.

Initially specialising exclusively in the production of high quality flooring products for blue-chip Italian companies within the ceramics and porcelain sectors, our ability to expand and build on our expertise in the hard finishes sector has resulted in Newfloor becoming the market leader in the development of new technologies which remain unravelled to date. Our commitment to apply the same ethos to the production of more standard products, incorporating factory-bonded finishes such as vinyl, rubber, carpet, HPL and linoleum remains the same. As pioneers in the specialised access flooring sector, it was Newfloor that successfully developed the ability to produce panels in various sizes to meet the increasing demands of architects, specifiers and end-users.

In addition to our standard 60×60 cm panels, we continue to offer the following sizes as a standard: 60×90 cm, 60×120 cm, 45x 90 cm and 75×75 cm and much more.

In 1994 we moved to headquarters in Codevigo, close to the university town of Padova and developed and launched the Newfloor brand in 2003 to our domestic and international markets.

As a market leader and innovator, Newfloor has developed and secured patents on several of its designs and processes, none more successfully than its Freefloor dry loose-lay flooring system.

Newfloor Established.
Manufacturing for third party / blue-chip brands in the ceramics sector.
Innovator in the ceramic and stone sector.
From the standard 60x60 cm panel format to more modern sizes.
Newfloor opens new headquarters in Codevigo, Padua.
Patent for the multiple porcelain grès tile panel, edge-trimmed with a permanent and resistant joint.
Newfloor enters the domestic and international markets with its own brand.
The Company patents the Freefloor system, a dry, self-laying floor.
Newfloor produces the Heating Module and self-centring substructore. New corporate identity.
Thirty years of Newfloor