FHB - Gifafloor


The FHB-Gifafloor is a 28 or 32mm thk calcium sulphate panel with a density of 1.500 kg/m3. The dimensions are 600 x 600 mm or 1.200 x 600 mm with a tongue and groove system that can be glued with a specific sealant.

FHB-Gifafloor offers the possibility to quickly create a stable raised floor, supported by steel pedestals with an adjustable height.

It’s the ideal product for the installation of loose-lay floors on top like ceramic tile, carpet and vinyl. Newfloor suggests the installation of the loose-lay freefloor system.

FHB-Gifafloor is the ideal solution for schools, hospitals, hotels, commercial and residential buildings, theatres and music halls.

Newfloor used this product in the following projects:

Private house – Sardinia – about 150 sqm (28 mm thk);

Restoration of an historic building in Venezia Square – Rome – about 1,200 sqm (28 mm thk);

Dental office – Rome – about 650 sqm (32 mm thk).

See the intallation video.

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