The floor that glows

Lumifloor raised floor is the latest product developed by Newfloor, which allows the panels or part of them to be visible and stand out in the absence of light. The idea exploits the distinctive physical properties of rare photo luminescent pigments present in nature, capable of “capturing” and subsequently retaining sunlight or artificial light and then returning it in the dark up to a maximum of 8 hours with decreasing intensity in a total ecosustainable way, features that make it unique in the marketplace.

Lumifloor was designed to highlight the evacuation routes of a building in the event of a sudden  blackout. It simply provides immediate illumination of the routes creating a safer environment. Installation of Lumifloor is not just for offices; it’s suitable also for public spaces such as museums, shopping malls, showrooms, cinemas, etc., where it would provide illumination of emergency routes and exits. Furthermore, it can also be used in open spaces such as terraces, paths, swimming pool edges made with X-floor raised floors with the aim of highlighting certain areas during the night.

Taking advantage of the aesthetic side of Lumifloor, it is possible to use it for the creation of company logos, drawings, writings or simple directional lines. It is also important to underline that Lumifloor is environmentally friendly, made with natural materials treated with safe photoluminescent pigments, whose production has a low environmental footprint.

The illuminating principle of Lumifloor is durable and remains intact throughout the lifecycle of the raised floor. Recycling Lumifloor is simple and does not involve additional costs beyond the cost of disposing of the material/panels on which it is applied (CER 170904).

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