radiafloor c

The ecological evolution of the heating access floor

Radiafloor C is the newest innovation by Newfloor. It is an underfloor heating system which uses the carbon fibre as a resistor.

Combined with the X-floor panel, Newfloor creates the perfect solution for a heating access floor system in less than 4cm thickness. Totally accessible, designed specifically for external spaces, especially for dehors, spas and heated paths such as the defrosting of surfaces.

The operation is immediate, in fact the radiant modules are powered by electricity and automated by an electronic control unit that ensures switching on and off in a very short time.

The heating part is isolated from the bottom by a layer of reflective material and a high density extruded, held by an aluminium box of dimension 51x51cm.

The IP68 connector, exiting from the center of the panel, has a sufficient length to ensure adequate to allow easy inspection of the plenum.

One of the main features of these radiant modules is the use of the PAN type carbon fibre, which guarantees the emission of infrared rays. Once the rays are released into the environment, they directly heat the solid bodies in the environment, avoiding thermal energy dispersions in the air.

The physical benefits deriving from this type of radiation are now recognized worldwide. Carbon fiber does not generate harmful electromagnetic field, it is not subject to dimensional changes and it does not deteriorate over time. The fiber is ecological and 100% recyclable.

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