The heating and cooling system for the human well-being

Radiafloor is the solution developed by Newfloor that combines the raised floor with the radiant heating and cooling system. Our experience gained in recent years with this type of floor has allowed us to improve previous versions, in order to offer a system that guarantees maximum comfort with the same simplicity of installation and maintenance. In fact, modern design has to consider the thermohygrometric well-being and at the same time satisfy the energy requirements for air conditioning.

Radiafloor is completely dry installation, just like the traditional raised floor, always allowing the inspection under the floor. It is recommended to assemble the radiant module with calcium sulphate panel of density 1.500 kg/m3, in the dimensions of 60×60 cm or 60×120 cm. Among the various possible coverings there are ceramic tiles and natural wood; alternatively, it can be used with a panel without top finishing to be covered with a loose laying system coverings such as carpet and LVT.

Thanks to the collaboration with the University of Padua, it was possible to study and thoroughly  test the product, to fully evaluate the heating and cooling capacity of the system, by carrying out tests with the different surface coating options.



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