The waterproof raised floor

X-floor is the perfect raised solution for outdoors, since it is made up of double coupled ceramic, which resists to water and bad weather. The panel with the application of the plastic edge trim, becomes ideal also for the interior use, for all those installations where the conventional raised floors may not be suitable due to the presence of surface water and/or high humidity.

It can also be installed indoors where the space available in height is very small, given the limited thickness of the panel of only 26 mm. The covering is usually in ceramic available in different collections, colors and non-slip finishes, glued on a ceramic support of dimensions 60×60 cm.
It is waterproof and fireproof, with high mechanical resistance. The fiberglass mesh inserted between the lower layer and the upper coating prevents the X-floor from breaking if subjected to excessive loads, thus making it safe. The panel is installed with the plastic substructure for outdoor and with the steel structure for indoor.

  • Accessory finishing: synthetic grass & Green Floor System


The synthetic grass covering is proposed coupled on X-floor panel to be used as an accessory both for indoors and outdoors. In this latest case, it is an excellent solution to prepare external areas like terraces, poolside and also as a component of hypoallergenic children’s play areas, where there aren’t any insects.
The surface is composed of high density plastic polymer filaments sewn on a draining support.
The maintenance is easy as it needs only to be washed with water, eventually mixed with a special and bactericide detergent and therefore sprayed. The longest green filaments and the base layer of shortest filaments, guarantee an excellent and realistic effect esthetically beautiful and durable both to the sight and to the touch. They are available in different height, with dimension of 25, 35 and 45 mm. X-floor panels with the synthetic grass are installed on traditional plastic supports for outdoor and on steel substructure for indoor with the possibility to create design pattern.


It’s the new green proposal by Newfloor to decorate terraces, roofs and gardens. The system is composed by natural elements to create flower beds or small vegetable gardens for both urban and private use.
These elements are available in size 50×50 cm (other sizes on request) and are made up of concrete and wood, plant substrate and stainless steel, pre-drilled with 16 holes covered by juta to house the plants. The module is bio compatible, totally plastic-free and recyclable and contributes to increase the thermal  insulation and resists to atmospheric agents. It can be installed as an accessory together with X-floor panel for outdoor application where there is the will or need to create natural corners, flower beds and why not even small vegetable gardens. It can be laid on PVC adjustable pedestals.

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