• Ageless - Grès

  • Architecture - Grès

  • Baita - Grès

  • Beat - Grès

  • Chorus - Grès

  • Concrete - Grès

  • Creative Concrete - Grès

  • Fleur de Bois - Grès

  • Icon - Grès

  • Metropolis - Grès

  • Micron 2.0 - Grès

  • Moov - Grès

  • Prestigio - Grès

  • Percorsi Smart IN&OUT - Grès

  • Progress - Grès

  • Purestone - Grès

  • Spatula - Grès

  • Spazio - Grès

  • Square - Grès

  • Stone Focus - Grès

  • Walk - Grès

  • Wood² - Grès

  • Natural Wood - Hardwood

  • Walkprint fin. 6 - Laminate

  • Granito - Rubber

  • Multifloor Nd-Nat/Uni - Rubber

  • Marmoleum Real - Linoleum

  • Mipolam Classic 2 mm - Vinyl

  • Vylon Plus - Vinyl



A collection inspired by the aesthetics of industrial concrete resin

Gres that reproduces the pleasant aesthetic effect with a ceramic twist and a light movement of the typical directional streaks associated with the manual or mechanized laying of mortar.

Size: 60×60, 30×60 cm
Colours: Island, Africa, Sahara, Europe, Polar, Britain, Baltic
Finish: Natural



Collection of ceramic tiles oriented at world of design

Pure colors, soft-touch surfaces, but at the same time slightly irregular.

Size: 60×60, 30×60 cm
Colours: Black, Dark Grey, Mediu Grey, Light Grey, Cool Grey, Warm Grey, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Beige, Dark Ivory, Light Ivory, White, Acid Green, Purple
Finish: Natural, Polished, Gloss

Dark Grey
Medium Grey
Light Grey
Cool Grey
Warm Grey
Dark Brown
Light Brown
Dark Ivory
Light Ivory
Acid Green


Alpine charm

Baita was designed to pay homage to the traditional Stube, the rooms with wooden walls and floors typical of homes in the Alpine areas, inside which daily family life would take place. These traditional settings, which still play an important role today in homes and commercial premises in the mountains, are alluded to in the wood-like intertwined patterns that are the distinctive feature of this ceramic collection.

The particular characteristic of Baita are the colour variants it comes in, with each one recalling a different stage in the life cycle of larch wood, which evolves over the years as it ages and is exposed to light.

The colour range includes shades reminiscent of the freshly cut trunk (Fresh), the wood as it is used in natural settings (Natural) and the shades the essences take on when exposed to direct sunlight (Sun) or applied in shady areas (Shade).

Size: 60×60 cm
Colours: Fresh, Natural, Shade, Sun
Finish: Natural




Harmonious veining, the natural imperfections that are typical of wood, as well as vivacious and balanced shades of colour

Evocative and intense atmospheres, warm and refined environments: this is the distinctive character of Beat, the new collection of wood-effect porcelain stoneware. Ideal for covering interior residential and commercial spaces with great personality, Beat reinterprets in a modern key the extraordinarily rich appearance of wood, from which it draws inspiration, to create comfortable industrial- and multi-style spaces with a contemporary flair.

Size: 20×120, 30×120 cm
Colours: Ivory, Beige, Taupe, Brown, Walnut
Finish: Natural



Choices that are surprising or deliberately made at random: this is the distinctive feature of Chorus, a balanced blend of natural inspiration.

Chorus by Ceramiche Keope is the new collection of porcelain stoneware floors and walls with a Nordic appeal, a perfect blend of harmonious and discreet tones with the all the eternal charm of limestone for an unconventional style. The alternation and combination of dots, veins and streaks create surprising graphic variations that make the reference material recognisable and give an unmistakable appearance to the collection.

Size: 60×60, 60×120, 30×120,75×75, 30×60 cm
Colours: Tobacco, Grey, Silver, White, Beige
Finish: Natural



Coloured-body fine porcelain stoneware

Concrete is a collection of floors with an authentic and contemporary flavor, inspired by concrete and its multiform versatility that enhances public and private spaces, making them irresistible. It is a fine porcelain stoneware, with a colored mixture, proposed in a wide range of colors and formats, for an industrial-inspired interior design.

Size: 80×80, 60×60, 30×60 cm
Colours: White, Taupe, Light Grey, Warm Grey, Black
Finish: Natural

Light Grey
Warm Grey

Creative Concrete

Full-body porcelain tile

A design arising from re-interpretation of the various methods of working concrete.

Size:  60×60, 30×60 cm
Colours: Beige, Dark Grey, Grey, Black, White
Finish: Natural, Slate-cut


Fleur de Bois

Collection of slatted wood and chevron effects

A collection inspired by a mix of woods types – hickory and Italian walnut – skilfully blended in order to achieve a balance and highlight their best aesthetic expressions; those produced by typical longitudinal grains with a regular and elegant pattern; more contrasted for the hickory, more harmonic for the Italian walnut.

Size: 60×60, 60×120, 20×120 cm
Colours: Blanc, Gris, Naturel, Beige, Brun, Glace, Miel, Chocolat
Finish: Natural



Full-body porcelain tile

Features modular formats and a wide range of colours (12 plain colours), which can be mixed together to create surprising aesthetic effects. The project, presented for the first time at Cersaie, features a sophisticated and unprecedented structure, defined “in design”, that lends the surface the effect of ‘crumpled paper’. This unique effect is able to lend floors a previously unseen sense of movement and three-dimensionality. The numerous nuances in shades, the various formats, all modular with each other, and the three finishes render Icon ideal for architects and designers that look to the future and innovation.

Size: 60×120, 30×120, 60×60, 30×60 cm
Colours: Titanium, Black, White, Cream, Beige, Almond
Finish: Natural, Polished



Return to material texture in all its simple purity

The tough and rugged nature of cement makes a comeback in the Metropolis collection. With the beauty of the ancient material but softer and more welcoming to the touch, Metropolis is a tactile delight. The streamline design of the collection lends an elegant balance of modern and classic style to any environment and makes an ideal surfacing material for the interior or exterior areas.

Metropolis enriches the product range with Microban® antimicrobial technology,  both for residential areas as well as high traffic areas with strict hygienic requirements. The innovative antimicrobial properties of the Metropolis product line, incorporated into the tiles during the production cycle, eliminate 99.9% of bacteria. This technological marvel makes this tile ideal for any area with strict hygienic requirements such as residences, health centers, gyms, schools, hospitals and dining facilities.

Size: 60×60, 30×60 cm
Colours: Tokyo White, Paris Amande, Milano Ecru, Rio Coffee, London Gray, Shanghai Iron, New York Coal, Berlin Night
Finish: Natural, Brushed

Tokyo White
Paris Amande
Milano Ecru
Rio Coffee
London Gray
Shanghai Iron
New York Coal
Berlin Night

Micron 2.0

Full-body porcelain tile

Collection reinterpreted to meet the needs of public or private architecture. Innovative technology, new fashionable colours and new formats.

Size: 30×60, 60×60, 60×120 cm
Colours: Almond, Beige, Grey, Dark grey, Ice, Black, Brown, White
Finish: Natural, Polished

M2.0 A
M2.0 W
M2.0 B
M2.0 GH
M2.0 T
M2.0 G
M2.0 N
M2.0 DG


A contemporary flair for inspiring spaces, thanks to the elegance of urban style.

Contemporary taste for evocative atmospheres. Moov embodies the elegance of an urban style thanks to its soft graphics, characterized by a slight movement that is inspired by cement-based materials, thus enhancing the matter.

Size:  60×60, 60×120, 75×75, 20×120, 30×120 cm
Colours: Grey, Anhtracite, Moka, Beige, Ivory
Finish: Natural




The new classic

Stone materials are back in the spotlight once again in the Prestigio collection: top-class natural marble from the most renowned quarries in Italy and Europe whose typical nuances of colour and original veining patterns – sometimes delicate, others more marked – are enhanced by the lapping that gives a beautifully polished finish.

The collection is thus the expression of classic style given an elegant modern twist.

Sizes:  75×75, 60×60, 30×60 cm
Colours: Dolomite, Calacatta, Marquinia, Impero, Statuario, Botticino, Arcadia, Tracia, Carrera, Travertino, Pulpis, Marfil
Finish: Shiny, Soft


Percorsi Smart IN&OUT

Stone effect, elegant and sophisticated

A natural appearance: this is the most striking feature of In&Out Percorsi SMART, the new collection of porcelain stoneware floors for interiors and exteriors. 4 colours recapture the stunning and variegated shades of stone for a totally natural effect. Uniqueness, beauty and strength of expression that characterise every single slab.

IN&OUT, is ideal for both internal and external.

Sizes: 30×60, 60×60 cm
Colours: Pietra di Bagnolo, Pietra di Bressa, Pietra di Lavis
Finish: Brushed, Bushhammered

Pietra di Bagnolo
Pietra di Bressa
Pietra di Lavis


Concrete effect porcelain stoneware tiles in six different colors

Progress reproposes the charm of cement floor tiles with a collection of simple, clean-lined ceramic tiles. Its natural, lightly colour-shaded surfaces and neutral colours lend sobriety and elegance to spaces. Marazzi’s Progress collection is in porcelain stoneware and features traditional square tiles complemented by decorative insert tiles with subtle metallic effects.

Sizes: 45×45, 60×60, 30×60 cm
Colours: Beige, Hazelnut, Brown, Grey, Anthracite, Black
Finishes: Natural



With its contemporary design, Purestone is suitable for any environment, both residential and public.

A real furnishing material, obtained by processing the aesthetics of various kinds of natural stones. “Purestone” is a modern porcelain stoneware with delicate colour shades and discreet and never excessive veins.

Size: 80×80, 60×60, 45×90, 30×60 cm
Colours: Bianco, Beige, Grigio, Piombo, Antracite
Finish: Natural, Liso





Seven colours to multiply design creativity and two finishes conceived for modern architecture.

The resin-look porcelain stoneware that combines a hand-finished effect with technical performances.

The surface reproduces exquisite trowelling effects; the porcelain stoneware modules are given form by superficial ridges and variations.

Two surfaces designed to stimulate architectural innovation and meet all its needs: one natural, tactile finish and one honed to highlight bright, sophisticated variations.

Size: 60×60, 60×120, 30×60, 20×120 cm
Colours: Bianco, Avorio, Perla, Lino, Polvere, Tabacco, Nero
Finish: Natural, Honed



Spazio is a line that integrates structural strength, performance, and ease of maintenance.

The collection is inspired by the rarest and most precious natural stones, faithfully reproducing surfaces, veins and colors. Nature and culture meet in this collection capable of responding to the evolution of international taste and the most up-to-date needs of resistance, performance and ease of maintenance. Made of porcelain stoneware, the line is the result of avant-garde production technology enhanced by aesthetic research and stylistic innovation, guaranteeing a perfect synthesis between structural quality and aesthetics.

Size: 60×60, 30X60, 75X75 cm
Colours: Antracite, Beige, Bronzo, Perla, Tortora, Argento, Bianco, Grigio, Tabacco
Finish: Natural



Craftsmanship meets contemporary design

A decidedly modern interpretation of the warm surfaces created by the skilled hands of expert craftsmen, enhanced by the large size and a carefully chosen colour assortment. The most exquisite craftsmanship tradition updated by ground-breaking technology.

Size: 60×60, 30×60, 60×120, 20×120, 20×60 cm
Colour: Downtown, Avenue, Way, District, Street, Crossing
Finish: Natural, Polished


Stone Focus

The design study for the Stone Focus collection takes its inspiration from centuries-old quarrying and working of Carniglia Stone

Stone Focus is a porcelain surface with stone effect mood with delicate veins and very slight variations which determine its sober and up-to-date character. Its compact texture reinterprets in a contemporary aesthetic the stone of the Parma Apennines which has made Bedonia famous worldwide. Thanks to digital technology, this product is available in a whole range of different and appealing colour shades, suitable for every public and residential context.

Size: 60×60, 30×60 cm
Colours: Sabbia, Tortora, Grigio, Piombo
Finish: Natural



Simple, minimal, versatile in its ability to adapt to different furnishing contexts and styles.

Walk recreates the effect of stone with a distinctive but uniform outer appearance.

Size: 60×60, 30×60 cm
Colours: Beige, Greige, Dove-Grey, White, Grey, Dark Grey
Finish: Natural




Vintage mood

The Wood² collection is characterized by the warm hints of natural wood marked by the passage of time and of wooden tables gently eroded by the toil of the craftsman.

The wood is evoked and rediscovered in its uniqueness thanks to the surface that appears to come to life with its natural veining and scratches. This collections is available in the unusual square size that exalts its modern mood and highlights the targeted research aimed at creating a product for interior design.

Unique and innovative even in the way it is inspired by nature, the Wood² collection gives life to vintage atmospheres.

Sizes: 60×60, 30×60, 45×45 cm
Colours: Cotton, Dust, Juta, Smoke, Tobacco
Finishes: Natural


Natural Wood

Hardwood is a kind of covering in natural wood from different trees

Proposed in different types of wood, thk. 4 mm, on the following design:

– 8/9 stripes

– industrial slim, 4 mm

– carreaux design

– 4 square

Size: 60×60, 60×120 cm
Colour: European Maple, Bamboo, European Cherry Evaporated, Doussie, Beech Evaporated, Ash, Iroko, European Walnut Evaporated, Oak, Teak Wood Indonesia, Wengè
Finish: Varnished, Oiled

European Maple
European Cherry Evaporated
Beech Evaporated
European Walnut Evaporated
Teak Wood Indonesia

Walkprint fin. 6

A wide range of laminate flooring

It has a solid durable surface, particularly suitable for raised flooring, avaible in deveral collections.

Size: 60×60 cm
Colours: wide choice of colours and effects
Finish: smooth

Walkprint 576
Walkprint 577
Walkprint 279
Walkprint 1611
Walkprint 1666
Walkprint 1643
Walkprint 2810
Walkprint 1107


Smooth surface with granules multicolored

A series of “unique” specifications make rubber the best choice for high traffic public and private areas. Very high resistance to wear and cigarette burns: high-traffic situations such as in hospitals, universities, airports, cinemas, shopping centres require the use of a material with an exceptional life span. The permanent elasticity of rubber makes it extremely resistant to shocks and enables it to “recover” its shape even after undergoing high pressures.

Size: 60×60 cm
Colours: wide choice of shades
Finish: smooth

G 363
G 365
G 472
G 367
G 315
G 473
G 378
G 336
G 370
G 371
G 372
G 342
G 479
G 368
G 475
G 474
G 431
G 305
G 306
G 308
G 480
G 478
G 477
G 476

Multifloor Nd-Nat/Uni

Smooth surface with marbling and more colors

A series of “unique” specifications make rubber the best choice for high traffic public and private areas. Very high resistance to wear and cigarette burns: high-traffic situations such as in hospitals, universities, airports, cinemas, shopping centres require the use of a material with an exceptional life span. The permanent elasticity of rubber makes it extremely resistant to shocks and enables it to “recover” its shape even after undergoing high pressures.

Size: 60×60 cm
Colours: wide choice of shades
Finish: smooth

M 00 Carbon
M 20 Smoke
M 19 Jeans
M 39 Cloud
M 38 Iceberg
M 15 Green
M 37 Acquamarina
M 11 Fog
M 34 Ambra
M 08 Beige
M 33 Cappuccino
M 02 Stone
U 108 Canary
U 11 Gold
U 105 Tangerine
U 13 Firebrick
U 107 Lime
U 106 Bamboo
U 39 Olive
U 14 Mahogany
U 87 Cream
U 27 Sand
U 99 Ice
U 36 Silk
U 109 Pearl
U 54 Griege
U 55 Stone
U 56 Navajo
U 20 Smoke
U 26 Steel
U 16 Avio
U 18 Grape
U 17 Metal
U 21 Eiffel
U 110 Slate
U 00 Carbon

Marmoleum Real

The versatile classic with a contemporary edge

Marmoleum Real is the largest range in the Marmoleum collection and features a classic marble structure. The 59 colours provide a wide colour palette with endless posibilities for designing your floor.  The structures in Marmoleum Real are built up from 2 to 5 colours that are processed together to create a marbled structure, varying from classic and bold brights to warm neutrals.

Size: 60×60 cm
Colours: 59 colours of different shades
Finish: smooth

3257 Edelweiss
3136 Concrete
2713 Calico
2499 Sand
3038 Caribbean
3173 Van Gogh
3032 Mist Grey
2621 Dove Grey
3120 Rosato
3249 Marly Grounds
2707 Barley
3077 Tan Pink
2629 Eiger
3146 Serene Grey
3232 Horse Roan
3252 Sparrow
3141 Himalaya
3075 Shell
2939 Black
3137 Slate Grey
3216 Moraine
3246 Shrike
3250 Loam Groove
3233 Shitake
3218 Deep Ocean
3139 Lava
3048 Graphite
3254 Clay
3234 Forest Ground
2767 Rust
3030 Blue
3244 Purple
3127 Bleeckerstreet
3236 Dark Bistre
3255 Pine Forest
3174 Sahara
3205 Lapis Lazuli
3245 Summer Pudding
3131 Scarlet
3248 Mammoth
3239 Olive Green
3125 Golden Sunset
3238 Laguna
3242 Adriatica
3126 Kyoto
3203 Henna
3240 Willow
3225 Dandelion
3055 Fresco Blue
3221 Hyacinth
3226 Marigold
3243 Stucco Rosso
3247 Green
3251 Lemon Zest
3219 Spa
3123 Arabesque
3053 Dove Blue
3241 Orange Sorbet
3224 Chartreuse

Mipolam Classic 2 mm

It’s a vinyl suitable for places with a normal to medium traffic

The flooring is made with a PUR surface treatment which offers easier maintenance, using less acrylic emulsion for the entire lifetime of the product.

Size: 60×60 cm
Colours: 18 directional colours
Finish: smooth

0122 Pinepple
0125 Truffle
0121 Green Leaf
0124 Tortora
0014 Brown
0006 Honey
0301 Beige
0003 Ivory
0005 Steel
0108 Pepper
0303 Grey
0013 Pewter
0002 Platinum
0010 Azure
0120 Borneo
0127 Bermuda
0123 Corallo
0126 Nordica

Vylon Plus

PVC floor

The universal flooring solution. Tarkett’s Plus range offers durable, multipurpose homogeneous vinyl floorings that are excellent value for money. With a colour range that mixes classic standards and contemporary trends, Plus is an ideal solution for the education, retail and commercial sectors.

Size: 60×60 cm
Colours: wide selection of colours
Finish: smooth

531 Ice
532 Artic
533 Dolphine
534 Charcoal
535 Frost
536 Marina
538 Sapphire
537 Bermuda
539 Aegean
540 Atlantis
542 Ivory
543 Champagne
545 Hessian
548 Cayenne
549 Terracotta
550 Spring
551 Canary
552 Sky
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