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Reasons behind the excellence

Customized product

  • Not only 60×60 cm: a wide range of sizes and possible processes characterizes the production of Newfloor
  • Various covering: parquet, ceramic, marble and granite, recomposed stone, plastic laminate, linoleum, vinyl, rubber, stainless steel
  • Without construction limits: the production line adapts perfectly to the needs of the customer with a unique flexibility, even for small projects and for tailor-made products
  • Versatile structure: among the different types of structure, Newfloor also boasts an exclusive and personalized solution.

R&D: Research and development

The relevant component that distinguishes Newfloor Company is undoubtedly the passion and constant dedication to the study of materials in order to create new products and improve functionality, efficiency and aesthetics.

Newfloor, equipped with a small laboratory and supported by national certificated institution, tests the
individual components of each system to verify their effective compliance with the specifications declared by
the supplier for quality, safety, structural strength and durability.

Based on the data collected for each test, the company continuously updates the internal technical documentation to facilitate the study and the creation of new products.

Our book

“Il pavimento sopraelevato. Sistema costruttivo, applicazioni e normative”, Rimini, Maggioli, 2015. Complied by Newfloor Team, this is a publication arising from the idea of proposing a complete and illustrated technical manual full of basic concepts, examples, explanations, and comparisons of the various materials.

LEED Certification

This is one of the most common certification systems in the eco-sustainability of buildings at international level. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is the United States system for classifying the energy efficiency and ecological footprint of buildings. It provides a set of measurement standards for evaluating environmentally sustainable buildings.

The LEED criteria were created to achieve the following objectives:

  • To define the concept of a ‘green building’ by establishing a common measurement standard
  • To promote integrated design practices for the entire building
  • To give recognition to the construction industry leaders who are environmentally conscious
  • To stimulate competition in the development of green designs, materials and construction methods
  • To increase awareness of the benefits that ‘green construction’ brings
  • To transform the construction market
  • To obtain the greatest profit possible, despite being oriented towards global ecology
  • To adhere to all the obligations of building law.

Newfloor products can contribute to the point’s attainment of LEED certification in the credits:

Credit: SSc7.1
Title: Heat Island Effect—Non-roof

Credit: MRc2
Title: Construction waste management

Credit: MRc4
Title: Recycled content

Credit: MRc5
Title: Regional materials

Credit: MRc6
Title: Rapidly renewable materials

Credit: IAQc4.1
Title: Low-emitting materials: adhesives and sealants

Credit: IAQc4.4
Title: Low-emitting materials: composite wood and agri-fibre

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100% Made in Italy / Sistem-IT01 Certification

The 100% Made in Italy Certification provides consumers with the guarantee on the Italian orgin and the quality of purchased products.

The certification adheres to all parameters provided for by current Italian legislation: Adoption of the certification guidelines, definition of procedures, management through modules and printouts.

The certification is issued by the Istituto Tutela Produttori Italiani.

The management of the certification process with the producers is handled by Promindustria SPA.

The parameters set out by current Italian legislation Law 166 paragraph 16 of 20 November 2009:


1. Designed and manufactured entirely in Italy

  • Based on company’s own project and design
  • Fully manufactured in Italy
  • Made using only Italian parts and components
  • Complete work traceability in Italy

2. Made with quality natural materials

  • Natural materials or Natural compounds
  • Quality, first choice materials
  • Full traceability of raw materials’ origin

3. Made following traditional working methods

  • Use of the company’s specific Workmanship
  • Use of traditional Workmanships techniques

4. Made in observance of employees, health and safety standards

  • In accordance with labor laws
  • Manufactured according to the hygiene, healthcare and safety.


The certification project has been approved and co-funded by the Italian Ministry for Economic Development.



Newfloor has chosen to use energy from renewable sources, which clearly demonstrates the sensitivity towards sustainability. For the Company, it means investing in the future. It is a moral responsibility, and also an economic one. It is an important commitment, which certifies attention to the environment, contributing in a concrete way to the safeguard of our planet and of the future generations who will inhabit it.

ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 is aimed at any type of public or private organization, of any sector and size, manufacturing products or providing services.
It is the internationally recognized Quality Management Standard of any organization that intends to answer simultaneously to:

  • the need for increased efficacy and efficiency of internal processes, as an organizational tool to achieve its own goals;
  • the growing competition in markets through improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The main goal of ISO 9001 is customer’s satisfaction with the products and services provided, as well as continuous improvement of the company’s performance, enabling the certified company to guarantee to its customers the maintenance and improvement of the quality of its own goods and services.


Regarding the packaging, we have found a solution to unify the materials used. For this reason, we now use cardboard cap and paper tape. This choice helps to dispose the entire packaging in faster and easier way, as it can be used the code CER 150101 – paper and cardboard. A simple trick that helps Newfloor and its customers in the disposal phase.
The wooden pallets are classified by the European Waste Catalog with the code CER 150103 – wooden packaging.
The raised floor panels are made up of different assembled materials, for this reason their disposal is more complex. The reference code assigned is CER 170904 – mixed waste coming from construction and demolition activities. The waste material can be accumulated in apposite containers or stacked in a dedicated area of the construction site and subsequently collected by authorized and competent personnel with a self-propelled loader, and then be transferred to the appropriate storage and disposal plants, since not all plants are equipped to receive this specific type of waste.

Purchase guide

How to choose the best raised flooring for your needs.