• Art Gallery in London – UK

  • Offices of a confectionery company – Verona

  • MLD Group office – Kansas

  • National Building Museum – Washington

  • Serioplast – Seriate

  • Quadrifoglio Group – Treviso

  • CEFLA – Imola

  • Synthetic Grass terrace – Rome

  • Unipol Bank Spa – Pesaro

  • Ranzato Impianti – Padova

  • Archeological Museum – Jerusalem, Israel

  • Angelini Group – Rome

  • Just Italia – Verona

  • I.M.A. Spa – Castel San Pietro Terme BO

  • Mobilificio Rampazzo Severino – Codevigo

  • VPS Srl – Codevigo

  • Energy Center – Torino

  • Brasserie – Offenburg

  • Olathe Public Library – Kansas

  • Newfloor changes its look – Codevigo

  • BPW ITALIA – HQ in Oppeano, Italy

  • The raised floor for significant elevation gap – Florence, Italy

  • Citroen car dealer – Milan, Italy

  • Generali inaugurates a new exhibition space at Palazzo Bonaparte – Rome

  • ‘Le Lab’ at Grand Moulin de Pantin – Paris

  • The new offices of Omis spa – Vicenza

  • The Rizzoli library in the Galleria in Milan

  • The raised floor in the luxury world

  • Campello Motors car dealer – Padova

  • Here East Innovation Center – London

  • Venus Fitness – the break room by Newfloor

  • Amazon has arrived in Milan – Italy

  • X-FLOOR for internal use: the case of Ferrinox

  • Newfloor and the new offices of Plastic System

  • The renovation of the ancient Saint Augustine convent of the XV century – Lucca

  • A Company Reborn: the new headquarter Ofmecc – Mirandola

  • Easy House System: Modular Building System – Milan

  • SIT Group new headquarter – San Marino

  • Headquarters of Irinox – Treviso

  • Angola Pavilion at Expo 2015 – Milan

  • A house for the Solar Decathlon competition – Versailles

  • Birmingham Library – UK

  • Arsenal, Zadar – Croatia

  • Headquarters of Pittini Group – Udine

  • Clothes Shop – Milan


Art Gallery in London – UK

The raised floor in an Art Gallery in London - UK

The natural wood flooring is one of the most popular choices for making an atmosphere more elegant and comfortable. This material is also suitable for the raised access floor system. In this way, it is possible to combine the utility of the access floor with the charm of the natural wood.

This is the case of an Art Gallery in London, where the designer was looking for a cozy style, while at the same time considering the necessity of hiding all the cables for technical systems that were laying on the ground.

For the project Newfloor supplied about 900 sqm of raised access floor type T38HAP: 38 mm thick chipboard panels with density 720 kg/m3, aluminium foil on the bottom side and, as top covering, varnished natural wood oak. Each panel was composed of 4 bevelled stripes, with a special dimension of 59×59 cm.

In order to align the different levels of the rooms, Newfloor supplied substructure of type STFM with medium stringers and pedestals with regulations from 80 to 160 mm.

Offices of a confectionery company – Verona

Renovation of the offices of a leading group in the confectionery sector from Verona.

The project consists in the renovation of the offices of an important group from Verona, leader in the confectionery sector. This company has its origin in an artisan laboratory in 1922. After 100 years of success, it is recognized and loved all over the world, exporting its products to over 70 countries.

For this project Newfloor supplied and installed 250 sqm of raised floor type G30HAK: calcium sulphate panels with thickness 30 mm and dimension 60×60 cm, very high density, bottom covering in aluminium foil and top covering in ceramic tile by Ceramiche Caesar Spa collection Shapes of Italy, natural finish.
The substructure installed for this project is very low, the height regulations vary between 25 and 70 mm with light stringers and acoustic pads under the pedestals in order to improve the noise reduction between the floors, as required by the Designer.

MLD Group office – Kansas

Renovation of the flooring with the Freefloor system

The Freefloor is a dry loose-laying system of ceramic tiles completely detached from each other, the perfect solution to areas where there is no need to raise the walking surface, for temporary solutions or if you do not want to affect the existing flooring.
In fact, it can be laid directly on any type of raised or traditional floor, with simplicity and rapidity, requiring a simple concrete level pre-treatment only in case of irregular support surfaces.

Newfloor was involved in the office renovation of the MLD group in Kansas. Although the existing floor was in good condition, the new tenant still wanted to renovate the environment to make it look more modern and brighter. For this reason, Newfloor proposed the Freefloor system: 60×60 cm ceramic tiles installed directly on the existing floor without using any adhesive, thanks to the special rubber applied to the bottom side of the tiles, which creates a grip effect with the support base.
The client selected ceramics by Piemme, collection Fleur de Bois colour Honey, with a matching PVC edge band.

The quick and easy installation of the Freefloor involves lower costs compared to the traditional floor laying. Furthermore, the absence of adhesives and other chemicals results in a clean environment, without raising dust and free of odors. Thanks to these characteristics, the customer was able to meet the set deadlines, accessing the room immediately after installation.

National Building Museum – Washington

The exhibition Making room: Housing for a Changing America – The open house

Newfloor participated in the setting up of the National Building Museum of Washington the exhibition Making room: Housing for a Changing America – The open house, a project by the Architect Pierluigi Colombo of Clei with the collaboration of Resource Furniture USA.

For this ambitious project, Newfloor provided 3 different types of raised floor with ceramic tiles as top covering. In the museum, it has been created a multifunctional apartment at a scale of 1:1. The plan remained the same during the 9 months of exhibition, while the internal furniture changed every 3 months, depending on the various housing needs of the 3 different types of inhabitants.

In the terrace it has been installed a raised access floor made of 60×60 cm panels with a core of calcium sulphate 30mm thk 1500kg/mc density and the ceramic tile Tagina Apogeo Anthracite as top finishing; in another room it has been decided to use the same core panel but with ceramic tile Caesar One Indigo; for the major part of the flat, it has been used a calcium sulphate panel dimension 60×120 cm with 3 ceramic tiles dim. 60x120cm wood effect by Ergon glued together.

The various multifunctional solutions were designed to meet the needs of 3 different types of inhabitants:

    1. Three young students who share the room (roommates)
    2. A girl with her baby and her mother (extended family)
    3. Two retired people who sometimes hosts their nephews; in this apartment there’s an independent one-bedroom flat to rent.

This project aimed to adapt the environment to the demographic change and to the new living standards, not only Americans’ but of many big cities all over the world. The traditional idea of house with its typical division of the domestic spaces is over, and it’s now possible to design the spaces more cleverly.

From this perspective, the raised floor achieved an important role in the civil context. The installation, without the need of glue or other substances, enables to reduce the construction schedule, allowing the interchangeability of the panels and the area underneath the substructure to be inspected at any time.

Serioplast – Seriate

The raised floor in the new Serioplast headquarters in Seriate

The company specialized in rigid plastic packaging, founded in 1974 in Seriate (Italy), now has a new headquarters in the redeveloped industrial area of the Frattini district. Starting with only one machine for the extrusion of plastic bottles, the brothers Luigi and Franco Cistellini have today brought Serioplast to boast over 300 machines and 240 employees. Three years of work were needed to redevelop the abandoned 25,000 square meter building.

The office area was built from a set of pre-existing buildings on four floors above ground. The building, designed by Studio Domus in Seriate, is inspired by the industrial style: concrete construction with exposed mechanical systems, while at the energy level photovoltaic panels have been installed to meet the sustainability strategy of the company.

In addition to the group’s central offices, the new headquarters houses the research and development units, as well as the mechanical engineering and machine construction unit (Seriomac) and the mould construction unit (Seriomould).

The company is part of the Old Mill Holding group, which settles in 14 Countries with 30 manufacturing plants, 1,600 employees and plans to open four new sites in Europe, North America and North Africa.

For the office area of ​​the new headquarters, Newfloor produced and installed over 4,000 square meters of raised access floor, with panels G30AAK of dimensions 60x60cm: core in calcium sulphate in 30 mm thickness with a density of 1.100 kg/mc, aluminium foil on bottom side and top covering in gres Polis, collection Mia, grey colour, natural finish. Newfloor also supplied 70 square meters of FFK20 loose-laying floor with the same type of porcelain gres.
The support structure in galvanized steel is of the SNFL type with light stringers and different height adjustments according to the various environments.


Quadrifoglio Group – Treviso

The raised floor in the HQ of an established Venetian company

Quadrifoglio Group, a company established in Treviso (Italy) over 30 years ago, designs and produces office furniture to create complete and excellent spaces, bringing the well-being and elegance of Made in Italy design into workplaces worldwide.
From executive and operative desks to seating, from receptions to meeting rooms, from wall partitions to acoustic solutions up to the lighting: a full range of products to create exceptional comfort and aesthetic spaces.

In 2019 the headquarters have been entirely renewed, expanding the production site. A remarkable project built with the aim of enhancing our history and the aspects of sustainability, linearity and beauty, characteristics that identify Quadrifoglio Group products’ style.

For the internal flooring of the new headquarters, the Group commissioned Newfloor, which supplied and installed 3.000 sqm of raised access floor.

The type of panel chosen for this project is of type T38HAK with wood chipboard core in high density (720 kg/mc), with aluminium foil on bottom side, as a vapour barrier, and top covering in ceramic Marazzi collection Brooklyn colour Anthracite, dimension 60×60 cm.

To meet the differences in height already present on site, it was necessary to install galvanized steel substructure of different regulations, ranging from 100 to 260 mm.

CEFLA – Imola

The raised access floor with conductive properties

Cefla was founded in 1932 in Imola (BO) as a Cooperative Company, specializing in electrical and thermo-hydraulic systems.

During its 90-year history, the company has experienced a significant growth, becoming a representative of Made in Italy excellence internationally with about 1,800 employees divided into 4 Business Units:
Engineering: deals with the design, construction, management and maintenance of technological systems in the civil, industrial and energy sectors;
Finishing: manufactures machines and systems for the surface finishing of materials including wood, glass, plastic, metal and others;
Medical Equipment: sector dedicated to the production of dental equipment;
Lighting: through C-LED, it designs and manufactures LED-powered products.

In one of these production plants, Newfloor supplied about 600 square meters of raised access floor with conductive characteristics, ideal for discharging any electrical dispersions from the machinery to the ground.

For this project, the panel type is G30HAV with dimensions 60×60 cm: calcium sulphate core 30 mm thick and density 1,500 kg / mc, aluminum foil on bottom side and top covering in pvc Gerflor collection Mipolam Robust EL7 with static-dissipative capacity, installed on SNFL substructure composed by light stringers and galvanized steel pedestals of a nominal height of 30 cm.

Synthetic Grass terrace – Rome

Elegant and cool design solution.

Newfloor has created an artificial garden of about 50 sqm in a terrace of a private villa in Rome, providing 60×60 cm panels for outdoor use in neutral-colored monolithic gres, with a top finishing in Synthetic Grass, wire H 35 mm, and structure in pvc type Buzon PB-3 screwed, with adjustment 90-145 mm.

The Synthetic Grass finish is coupled on a 2 cm monolithic gres panel or on a X-floor panel for greater mechanical load performances, both as a furnishing accessory for indoors and outdoors. In this lastest case, it is an excellent solution to prepare external areas like terraces or poolside. The surface is composed of high density plastic polymer filaments sewn on a draining support. The maintenance is easy, as it needs only to be washed with water, eventually mixed with a special and bactericide detergent and therefore sprayed.

The longest green filaments and the base layer of shortest filaments, guarantee an excellent and realistic effect esthetically beautiful and durable both to the sight and to the touch. They are available in different height, with dimension of 25, 35 and 45 mm. X-floor panels with the synthetic grass are installed on traditional plastic supports for outdoor and on steel substructure for indoor with the possibility to create design pattern.

Unipol Bank Spa – Pesaro

The raised floor in high traffic areas

The raised access floor by Newfloor, in addition to its technical and aesthetic advantages, is designed to meet high load standards and to provide comfort and safety in high traffic area.

In the case of the Unipol Bank Spa in Pesaro, Newfloor supplied 900 sqm of raised access floor in collaboration with FourTeam Srl’s designers.

The panel chosen for the project is type G32HAV with dimension 60×60 cm: calcium sulphate core with 32 mm thickness and a density of 1.500 kg/m3, aluminium foil on bottom side and as top covering vinyl Tarkett ID Inspiration 55 colour 127, composed by 3 strips 20×60 mm. This wood-effect vinyl material is highly resistant to scratches and dirt, resulting an ideal solution for crowded environment such as banks.

To maximize the space under the panels, a galvanized steel substructure type SNFS, without stringers, has been installed, with 185 mm high pedestals glued to the ground.

As final step, Newfloor provided some drilled panels to accommodate electrical towers. The rectangular holes were made in the centre of the panel, following the design of the 20×60 mm strip, through a waterjet cutting process.

Ranzato Impianti – Padova

Not only standard size 60x60 cm: Ranzato Impianti chooses 60x120 cm for the office of the property

Ranzato Impianti, a Venetian company with more than 30 years of experience in the plant engineering sector, creates innovative and performing solutions, guaranteeing maximum quality. The company is structured into 5 operating divisions: electrical systems; energy and building renovation; thermo hydraulic systems; automation and security; assistance and maintenance.

For the renovation of the administrative headquarter based in Padua, Newfloor supplied 420 sqm of raised access floor. The type of panel chosen to meet the technical characteristics of the project is G30AAK with dimensions 60×60 cm: calcium sulphate core 30 mm thick with a density of 1.100 kg/mc, aluminum foil on the bottom side and finishing gres in Imola Ceramica, collection Koshi color Dark Gray.

In the office of the property, on the other hand, 50 sqm of raised access floor type G34HAK were installed: panels measuring 60×120 cm with a 34 mm thick calcium sulphate core in a density of 1.500 kg/mc, aluminum sheet on the bottom side and finishing in gres Mirage, collection Allways in Board AW 02 color, worked with 3 strips 20×120 cm.

The system is supported by a substructure SNFL with light stringers and a nominal height of 100 mm.


Archeological Museum – Jerusalem, Israel

The elegance of the natural marble and the serenity of the natural wood in the Museum of Jerusalem

The choise of flooring remains always one of the most important and influential aspects in the design of a building, whatever the use will be.

The raised access floor by Newfloor, among the numerous technical and aesthetic advantages, presents high load standards and it is in high traffic environments, in order to ensure maximum comfort and safety. The dry installation and the versatility of the system allow to change the layout and inspect the plenum by simply removing the panels involved.

Therefore it is a perfect system for both new constructions and renovations, as it allows not to damage the existing flooring.

For the Archeological Museum of Jerusalem – Israel, Newfloor supplied 4.250 sqm of raised access floor in calcium sulphate with two different thicknesses and top coverings.

For some areas, was used a Newfloor panel 60×60 cm type G18ATG: calcium sulphate core, density 1.100 kg/m3 and thickness 18 mm with the addition of a 0.5 mm steel tray on the bottom side as reinforcement. The top covering chosen by the client is 19 mm thick natural marble Crema Luna with polished finishing. The choice of natural stones, such as marble and granite, is very common in museum as this material, with its various shades of colour, allows to obtain refined and highly elegant lighting effects.

In other areas, was installed a Newfloor panel 60×60 cm type G34HTP: calcium sulphate core, density 1,500 kg/m3 and thickness 34 mm with the addition of a 0.5 mm steel tray on the bottom side. The top covering is in natural wood oak with 8/9 strips design, painted Bona in black colour. Wood is a natural element which, when integrated into a space, conveys a feeling of serenity and well-being. It is a welcoming solution that suits all kind of environments, from the most modern to the most classic and traditional.

For the entire area was chosen a substructure type STFM with medium stringers and open section h=30 mm to overcome heights of about 50 cm.

Angelini Group – Rome

LEED Platinum certification for HQ of Gruppo Angelini Group

The new headquarters of the Angelini Group, a leader in the chemical-pharmaceutical sector, is the result of the adaptation and renovation of the historic headquarters of the group, located in the Appio Tuscolano district in Rome. The project included major building renovation interventions through the use of innovative technologies, focusing on architectural quality, structural safety and eco-sustainability.

For this project, Newfloor provided approximately 7.000 square meters of raised access floor, proudly contributing to the obtaining of the building’s LEED Platinum certification, the highest level of certification for the environmental sustainability.

The raised floor chosen by the client is made up of 60×60 cm panels with calcium sulphate core, density 1.500 kg/m3 and thickness 30 mm and 34 mm, with the addition of a 0,5 mm galvanized steel tray on the bottom side as reinforcement for the thickest panels. The top covering applied on the panels are of different types:

– gres porcelain Casalgrande Padana collection Architecture;

– vinyl Chilewich Basketwave colours Earth, Latte and Mineral Blue;

– HPL Abet collection Walkprint with concrete effect;

– primed bare for loose-lay covering.

To support the panels, Newfloor supplied the substructure type SNFL with light stringers to reach heights between 29 and 42 cm.



Just Italia – Verona

Renovation of the administrative headquarter

JUST is a Swiss Company founded 90 years ago in Walzenhausen, specialized in natural products for the care of the body, the environment and the home.

Just Italia settled in 1984 in the province of Verona, acquiring over the years an efficient commercial, administrative, logistics and marketing structure that allows Just products to reach clients throughout Italy.

Today the company has a commercial network of 30 Countries and it is still based on natural tradition, method and wisdom for the development and production of its cosmetics.

In 2018, for renovation of the administrative headquarter in Grezzana -Verona, Newfloor supplied 400 square meters of raised access floor with two different kinds of panels. The first one is G30HAP type: 60×60 cm panel with a high density (1.500 kg/mc), 30 mm thick calcium sulphate core, aluminum sheet on bottom side and natural wood Woodline colour Natural Oak Trio as top covering. Instead, the second one is G30AAK type: 60×60 cm panel with low density (1.100 kg/mc), 30 mm thick calcium sulphate core, aluminum sheet applied on bottom side and porcelain gres Refin collection Prestigio colour Botticino with polished finishing as top covering.

I.M.A. Spa – Castel San Pietro Terme BO

16.000 sqm of raised access floor for the two new IMA Spa buildings

Established in 1961, IMA is a world leader in the design and manufacture of automatic machines for processing and packaging of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, tea and coffee.

Newfloor participated in the construction of two new production centres of the group, producing and installing about 16.000 sqm of raised access floor.

The first building, designed by Raggi & Partners, hosts Ima Life, a division that deals with pharmaceutical production. The building, which replaces the Decathlon factory, is located in Ca’ Bianca, industrial area of Castel San Pietro Terme (BO).

The second building, designed by No Gap Progetti, is located in Ozzano dell’Emilia and it is the national centre of chocolate packaging. Born from the leadership between Ima and the cooperative giant of mechanics SACMI Packaging & Chocolate S.p.a.

The raised access floor chosen for the office area of this project is G30AAK: 60x60cm panel with low density (1.100 kg/mc), 30 mm thick calcium sulphate core, aluminium sheet applied on the lower side with holes for housing the substructure and, as top covering, gres Iris collection Walk On, natural finish R9, colour Grey and White.

The customer chose S-Lock Systems AS as a substructure, self-centring system which allows the correct positioning of the above panels thanks to the particular shape of the polymeric gasket that has four truncated-conical points, which can be perfectly housed in the holes on the bottom of the panel. The stability of this system allowed Newfloor to test the structure for seismic events.

Mobilificio Rampazzo Severino – Codevigo

The raised access floor system in the new headquarter of the leading furniture factory in Veneto.

Newfloor supports and assists customers who decide to install the raised access floor system both in new and existing buildings. In this last case, in fact, the dry installation of the raised floor system gives a renovated look to the rooms, adapting to the spaces and heights already existing, without affecting the building structure.

One of the recent projects followed by Newfloor in building renovation concerns Rampazzo Severino furniture factory, a leading company in the Piovese (PD) area, which boasts 50 years of history in the furniture sector. In 2019, the Group decided to transform an unused area of the outlet warehouse into the new administrative headquarter of the Group.

For this project, Newfloor supplied 750 square meters of raised access floor. The panels used were G30HAK: 30 mm thick calcium sulphate of size 60×60 cm and a density of 1500 kg/mc, 0.05 mm aluminium foil on bottom side and porcelain tiles Keope Cloud colour Ivory as top covering. In order to optimize the plenum under the panels and allow the housing of various systems, the galvanized steel substructure used was SNFS without stringers and with pedestals of nominal height 110 mm glued on the ground.

This renovation process has allowed to recover an unused area, transforming the intended use from warehouse to new offices headquarter without making changes to the existing building structure.

VPS Srl – Codevigo

The raised access floor in renovations to change the look of the interiors

When renovating or constructing a new building, one of the most difficult moment is choosing the floor. Finishes, effects and textures determine the character and style that you want to give to the environment. The process of selecting the materials to be used and the dimensions therefore becomes of fundamental importance.

Newfloor contributed to the construction of the administrative building of VPS Srl, a Venetian company based in Codevigo (PD) which deals with hazardous and non-hazardous waste, supplying more than 600 square meters of raised access floor.

The panels used for the project are G30HAK and G32HAK: calcium sulphate support with 30/32 mm thickness and high density, an aluminum sheet on the bottom side and, as top covering, gres Pinch by Marazzi Beige colour with natural finish. The same ceramic tiles were then also applied to the corten steel staircase. The 60×60 cm and 60×120 cm panels are supported by SNFS structure without stringers and with heights ranging from 11 to 19 cm.

The large dimensions of the panels, perfect for the open space environments in which they have been installed, give a larger and more elegant appearance.

Energy Center – Torino

Center dedicated to study and research in energy-environmental innovations.

The Energy Center is a structure of excellence that involves a system of places, actors and synergistic relationships at the service of innovation in the energy-environmental field (Smart & Clean Energy).

The building was born from the redevelopment and conversion of an industrial area, owned by the Municipality, adjacent to the Polytechnic City of Turin. This area, called Ex-Westinghouse, is located between the streets Nino Bixio and Paolo Borsellino, near the Justice Palace and the Porta Susa station in Turin. In the construction of the Energy Center, Newfloor provided approximately 3.100 square meters of raised access floor.

The panels used for this project are G30HTK: 30 mm calcium sulphate core, high density 1.100 kg/mc, with top covering ceramic tiles Floorgres supplied free issue by the customer and a steel reinforcement tray on the bottom side. The 60×60 cm panels are supported by SNFS structure without stringers with height ranging from 110 to 185 mm.

Brasserie – Offenburg

The fusion of history and modern design gives a suggestive and original atmosphere to the location.

The restyling of a building always involves very difficult and accurate choices, especially when dealing with buildings that are part of the history of a country.

This is the case with a bar in Offenburg, Germany. The peculiarity of the location is its historicity: the walls of the room are parts of the historic walls built between 500 and 780 years ago with the aim of defending the ring of the city.

The renovation works involved the dismantling of 385,000 kg of water and heating conduits installed on the ceiling. The installation of 180 square meters of raised floor allowed to create a 34 cm plenum to house the conduits and the electrical cables.

For the realization of the room, 500 panels G30HAK were used: 30 mm calcium sulphate of size 60×60 cm, covered on the top with tiles Taupe colour of the Beat collection, from our Italian partner company Ceramiche Keope. The panels were assembled by applying two ceramics of dim. 30×60 cm together with a 30×120 cm ceramic, in a 60×120 cm panel. The staggered installation creates a more striking texture. The system is supported by an SNFM substructure with medium stringers and different adjustments of 35/50 mm and 320/440 mm, in order to cover a difference in height of two steps and bring the entire surface of the room to the same level.

Olathe Public Library – Kansas

The project won the Capstone Awards 2020: Adaptive Reuse

Olathe Public Library was founded in the city of Olathe, Kansas, United States, in 1883 by a group of three local women who founded the first women’s club called “Ladies Reading Circle”.

In 1999, the year in which The Library celebrates its 90th anniversary, the expansion of the new Olathe Indian Creek branch begins. The project of the raised access floor of the new Library was committed to Newfloor.

For this project, we produced and supplied over 800 square meters of raised access floor in collaboration with our national ceramic tiles supplier’s Caesar.

Key requirement for the project was the guarantee of resistance to the maximum loads with an admissible breaking load ≥ 1200 kg in the center of the side of the panel. Newfloor adopted appropriate measures such as the use of reinforced steel tray of special thickness and a raised metal structure of adequate strength.

The raised access floor is composed by 2250 panels G30HTK: 30mm of calcium sulphate in size 60x60cm, covered with made in Italy ceramic tiles from Caesar, Gate series, Jet Black colour. The panels are supported by a SNFM structure with a 30mm medium stringers and 57mm high columns, adjustable from 40 to 75mm.

Newfloor changes its look – Codevigo

Newfloor headquarters to be renewed and renovated

February 2020

Everything is ready in the new offices: the interior and exterior spaces begin to take shape, forniture and lighting are located and the workstations are ready.

We will leave the temporary offices that has hosted us in the last year to make reality this project, carried out with courage and determination.


Stay tuned!

Newfloor team

Ph: AC – Alberto Chiggiato


January 2020

Finally it’s time for us to install our raised floor! For our offices we choose the Radiafloor panel with a calcium sulphate core. For the covering we choose a ceramic tile by Casalgrande Padana,Stonewash collection size 60x60cm; in fact, the ceramic tile is the most appropriate material for high-traffic areas. On the bottom side there is the module for the radiant heating. Each module is joined to the other by a plug-in coupling and then the system is connected by the thermo-hydraulic professional to the heating pump, in order to guarantee the heating and cooling all the year. The panels are holed for use with S-lock substructure with the gasket with the 4 hooking points to create a monobloc flooring and the alignment of the joints over the years. The substructure is glued for use without stringers.

The same type of panel was used also for the toilets with the sealing of the joints for health requirements.


Stay tuned!

Newfloor team

Ph: AC – Alberto Chiggiato


December 2019

Step by step, with patience and passion, our construction site keeps going on. We’ve finished with the plasterboard walls and the plants; the space takes shape and soon we will install the fixtures and the raised floor Made in Newfloor.


Stay tuned!

Newfloor team

Ph: AC – Alberto Chiggiato


September 2019

The works for the restructuring and enlargement of our factory are going on. After the demolition, the construction company has built the supporting structure and the enlargement of the building. In fact, the creation of a wider workspace was a priority for us,  given the growth of the company, also in terms of personnel.

Now that the masonry work are over, we’re going to install the hydraulic and electrical systems and then the windows and the raised floors, which will be obviously Made in Newfloor.

In the meantime the direction is keep searching for suppliers and materials that, piece by piece, will shape our project.

Certainly there are difficulties and hitches but we’re sure that the sacrifice will worth it.


Stay tuned!

Newfloor team

Ph: AC – Alberto Chiggiato


June 2019

We are very proud to show you a preview of some photos of our construction site. In fact we have decided to reinvest the profit of our job for the renovation of our main site, which will be expanded and renewed, both in the offices area and in the production unit.

Since months Newfloor management is involved in the choice of the materials for the restyling, giving priority to Made in Italy products and to local companies. This line of thinking has been applied also for  the management of the construction site. The works management, the design studio and the construction company are in fact local companies.

We are very proud of our ambitious project because it represents the progress and the raise of our company.

Stay tuned for upcoming updates!

Newfloor Team  

Ph: AC – Alberto Chiggiato

BPW ITALIA – HQ in Oppeano, Italy

The raised floor for the new offices

Today we want to talk about the building site of BPW ITALIA company, the Italian branch of the German group Bergische Achsen KG, which distributes products for the industry of towed vehicles, industrial vehicles and for the agricultural sector.

For the project of the new HQ we produced and supplied more than 800sqm of raised floor distributed on 2 floors.

The major part of the raised floor is a G30AAK panel,  with a core of 30mm low density calcium sulphate (1.100 kg/mc), an aluminum foil on bottom and ceramic tile on top type Keope Unik Stone natural finish, dimension 60x60cm.

For the upper floor we produced the same panel but in high density (1.500 kg/mc) covered with natural wood supplied by the customer.

The steel substructure is the SNFL with a light stringer and different heights according to the different spaces.

The raised floor for significant elevation gap – Florence, Italy

The project for the 80cm finished floor level

In this project there were 2 different garret heights and for this reason the customer decided to use the raised floor, in order to create an unique floor level and to avoid the overload of the building with concrete casting.

In this case we produced and supplied 500sqm of panel type G30AAK with a calcium sulphate core thk 30mm low density (1.100 kg/mc), an aluminum foil on bottom side and covered with ceramic tile type Imola Creative Concrete, with a final dimension of 594x594mm.

It was necessary to use 2 types of steel substructure to solve the problem of different garret height: at the first floor it was used the steel  substructure type SNFL with light stringer (h18mm – final dimension 594x594mm) and a pedestal with regulation 120/175mm to reach the finished floor level of 17/20 cm.  At the ground floor the finished floor level was of 78/80cm; for this reason it was used the medium stringer (substructure type SNFM) and a pedestal adjustable from 700 to 790mm, with the base glued to the ground.




Citroen car dealer – Milan, Italy

The solution for significant loads

Our experience in facing new challenges allow us to take action even in extreme situations. The raised floor is suitable also for important loads: for this reason it can resist to the weight of a car, as in the Car Delear Citroën in Milan, in the city life area.

In this project of 600sqm we used the G34HTK panel, with a calcium sulphate of 34mm density 1.600kg/mc, reinforced with steel tray on bottom side and covered with ceramic tile chosen and supplied by the customer.

The steel substructure is composed by a pedestal of dimension 135mm adjustable from 110 to 160mm and a medium stringer of 30mm, with a final dimension of 596mm per side. For an even more sure ground anchor, the basis of the pedestals were glued to the ground with a polyurethane glue.

The panel combined with the substructure is 3.000 kg/sqm resistant.

Many panels were cut with rectangular holes in order to place the electric turrets for the electrical connection.

Generali inaugurates a new exhibition space at Palazzo Bonaparte – Rome

New art and culture center

In partnership with Arthemisia, a leading company in international exhibition production, Generali opens its Rome headquarters in the historic Palazzo Bonaparte, which has been meticulously restored for the event. In support of the Group’s Value and Culture program, which promotes the heritage spread throughout the Italian territory, an exhibition and events area has been inaugurated in the city center. Generali Real Estate SGR managed the recovery intervention of all the building’s external and interior spaces, with the focus on the three upper floors for ceiling, architectural and decorative restoration.

At the same time, the rooms were also renovated to become public spaces. It was necessary to use Newfloor’s raised floor system FHB25 – GIFAfloor, calcium sulphate panels with tongue and groove, installed on substructure type SFNS without stringers, glued to the ground, with regulation 45/70 mm to guarantee the passage of the systems in the underfloor plenum and providing inspection hatches for maintenance; at the same time the historic floors had to be preserved, so a new walking surface was created and then covered with natural wood.

Giovanni Antonio De Rossi designed this jewel of Baroque architecture in 1677. In its approximately 3,000 square meters of mosaics, frescoes and stuccos, numerous high-ranking Roman families have alternated as owners over the centuries. Among the most famous personalities that lived here, Maria Letizia Ramolino, mother of Napoleon Bonaparte, who in old age used to sit on the balcony overlooking the corner between Piazza Venezia and Via del Corso to observe the daily life of nineteenth-century in Rome.

In all the design choices, Generali Real Estate SGR, the Studio Pras that followed the design of the restoration, and the D’Adiutorio company, that took care of the realization, were supported by the Special Superintendence of Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscape of Rome.

‘Le Lab’ at Grand Moulin de Pantin – Paris

Extraordinary example of industrial recovery

The Grand Moulin de Pantin, a former mill built around 1880, stands majestically close to Parc de la Villette in Paris; in this plant the wheat, coming from the nearby regions of Brie and Beauce, was milled, and the flour produced from the 24 mills was distributed throughout the French capital.

Under the direction of Alsatian architect Eugene Haug, emblematic buildings were constructed beginning from 1923. These include the mill, the grain silo, the 47 meter high water tower shaped like a bell tower and the boiler room equipped with a powerful Babcock & Wilcox machine for generating power. One of the most original elements of the mill is the transporter bridge, which was designed and built to load flour onto barges that sailed along the Canal de l’Ourcq. In the decades following Second World War, parts of the damaged buildings were rebuilt and the plant was modernized on the model of the new industries of the 1950s and 1960s.

The Grands Moulins  became France’s first milling company when the Soufflet Group, one of the country’s leading grain traders, acquired it in 1994. However, due to growing competition and the decline in bread consumption in France, the new owners were unable to halt the decline and closed their business in 2003. Pantin’s local authorities joined the property  to ensure the furute of this site so rich in history, commissioning the Reichen & Robert Associes, an architecture studio that specializes in converting industrial properties, for a new intended use of the entire complex, which spans over 1.5 hectares, according to the HQE – Haute Qualitè Environmentale, a global approach certified by third parties designed to improve the environmental quality of a building on the principles of sustainable development, in order to assess and monitor its impact on the planet. Along with the offices for BNP Paribas Securities Services, a distribution center and commercial spaces were built within an investment of 85 million euros. In the space dedicated to lunch breaks and leisure, Newfloor has installed an ad hoc customized floor in accordance with the architect’s preferences.

For the project “Le Lab” cafè/restaurant area, Newfloor supplied with three different types of flooring: in the part dedicated to the tables, panels of type T38HAL with dimensions of 60×60 cm, wood chipboard core in high-density 720 kg/mc, aluminium foil as a bottom covering and linoleum Forbo marmoleum streaked 5218 welsh moor as a top finish; in the corridor area panels T38HAK with ceramic finish dim. 30×30 cm Apavisa Hydraulic R9 col. Black, natural finish, coupled in a base panel with dimension 60x60cm. Behind the workstations, we intervened with panels coated with Imola Micron 2.0 ceramic, col. RBN anti-clip R11 size 60×60 cm, also in wood chipboard.

The new offices of Omis spa – Vicenza

The new offices to celebrate the 50 years of activity

Omis is a company based in our territory which represents a positive story of Venetian enterprise. After 50 years of activity, Omis is one of the most important builders of lifting and transport systems in Europe and in the world; with more than 200 employees distributed over the 8 companies of the group, Omis designs and develops cranes, jib cranes and suspended systems.

It was a pleasure for us to contribute to the realization of the new offices of a company that grows and invest its gains in the renovation of the company itself.

For this project of 950 sqm on 3 floors we produced 60×120 sized panels with a calcium sulphate core of 34mm thk and covered with ceramic tiles chosen and supplied by the customer.

For a small portion we supplied a bare panel to be covered with a 2mm carpet, and for a different space a 60×120 x-floor panel, made of a ceramic support and a glass fiber layer between the two tiles. The large variety of panels supplied testify the flexibility of the raised floor, which adapt to different spaces and different coverings, maintaining the same size and the same joint, in order to keep the same texture all over the space.

To support the panels it was used a glued substructure, without stringers; without using the stringers it’s possible to gain more space under the panels and this is a very important  factor when we don’t have much space under the floor.

The Rizzoli library in the Galleria in Milan

The raised floors in the renovation project of the bookstore

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is one of the most famous symbols of Milan – built in the second half of the 19th century, it’s considered one of the first shopping centers in the world for the presence of shops and restaurants. It’s a commercial street, a two-arm cross that connects Piazza Duomo with Piazza della Scala. In the years it has become a destination of tourists who love taking photos under the central dome.

In the Galleria there are many shops of the most famous fashion brands like Versace, Gucci and Louis Vuitton, but there’s also a cultural corner thanks to the Rizzoli bookstore, an Italian publishing house of the Mondadori group.

The Rizzoli bookstore represents a place to relax, thanks to the renovation of the last years, dedicated to improve the elegance and brightness of the bookstore, not forgetting the passion for books and tradition.

For Newfloor it was a pleasure to give its contribution to realize this project. For these 600sqm we have proposed a raised floor with a core of high density calcium sulphate and a thickness of 30mm; for the top covering we used a natural wood specially chosen by our customer for this project.

The raised floor in the luxury world

Newfloor for Bulgari in the largest jewellery manufacturing headquarter

There are companies that do not need presentation, and one of them is surely Bulgari, a company founded in 1884 that operates in the luxury field, from jewels to watches, from perfumery to leather goods and even the hotel industry with its brand of luxury hotels, Bulgari Hotels & Resorts.

The giant of luxury has founded its first home in Rome, the historic shop in Condotti Street 10, where Bulgari weaved its history with the world of cinema, with customers like Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn and Sofia Loren.

The company has opened various shops in many cities of the world, like New York, Paris and Tokyo. But it’s in Valenza in 2017 that Bulgari inaugurated the Europe’s largest jewellery manufacturing headquarter and for this seat Newfloor has provided the raised floor.

For this ambitious project we have produced more than 800sqm of panels of different types. The major part of the project was done with a 30mm thickness calcium sulphate panel and a top covering in natural wood walnut UV varnished with 9 stripes, for a final dimension of 600x600mm. For some spaces it was chosen a calcium sulphate panel with a vinyl top covering.

Finally, the steel substructure with pedestals in different heights; the pedestals were glued in order to install the substructure without the stringers and to gain more space under the panel.

Campello Motors car dealer – Padova

Restyling showroom

The historical car dealer Campello Motors in Padua, a company settled in 1991 with its headquarters in Venice Mestre, had to redesign the layout of the showroom in a short period because of a new brand collaboration.

The Newfloor raised access floor solution was the best option because of the dry system and fast installation, without demolishing the existing floor. The raised access floor system allowed to restyle the showroom, housing all the new technical cables in the plenum under the panels.

This project consists of about 400 sqm of Newfloor raised access floor type G34HTK: calcium sulphate panel reinforced with a steel tray on bottom in order to reach and guarantee high distributed load. The top covering in made by two ceramic tiles 30×60 cm by Casalgrade Padana applied on a 60×60 cm panel. For the offices and other spaces that did not require special loads, Newfloor supplied and installed panels type G30HTK.

The substructure selected for the entire area is of type Extra with different height regulations and closed section stringers of dimension 50x25x1 mm, screwed on the pedestal heads. Moreover, a steel vertical closure was installed to counteract the thrust of the raised floor.


Here East Innovation Center – London


Today we want to talk about an ambitious project, the Here East Innovation Center, where we provided 2,000 sqm of raised floor.

The building raises in the ‘Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park’, an huge park realized for the Olympic games in 2012. It was created to be the Press and Broadcast Centre, where about 20,000 journalists reached an estimated audience of more than 4  billion people worldwide.

London is one of the cities that has been able to convert and enhance the facilities realized for the event. The Here East represents now a thriving commercial space, with the most advanced digital infrastructures in Europe. It offers commercial spaces of all sizes and it’s also a training ground for new talent.

For this project we have supplied 650sqm of 38mm thickness chipboard panels, with a top covering of reconstituted stone by Agglobaghin color EM 06-05 with a thickness of 20mm. Other 1,200sqm were realized in chipboard panel with the reconstituted stone Agglobaghin color EM 4607. For the steel substructure it was chosen the light stringer and the pedestals with different regulations depending on the height of the various spaces.

Venus Fitness – the break room by Newfloor

An example of synergy between customer and company

Newfloor – in collaboration with the architect and owner of the building – has designed, provided and produced the raised floor for the new break room of the spa.

We’re talking about the gym and spa Venus Fitness in Rho – Milan, a place where to combine the fitness area and the swimming pool with a place to rest in the basement.

It were chosen two different types of panels, to solve the problem of the difference in level of the area. For an area it was provided the x-floor, a ceramic tile glued with a ceramic support, water resistant so perfect to face the hygrometric conditions, supported by a pvc substructure. For another area the floor was installed directly on the screed at the same level of the x-floor. This time it was used the freefloor system, a ceramic tile with a special rubber on the bottom and a pvc edge trim.

For both panels it was used the ceramic tile wood effect Woodside Oak by Kronos, with a “chess board design”.

The risult was perfect thanks to the choice of the material and to the ability of Newfloor of working two different types of floor, guarantying the continuity of the floor, both aesthetically  and in terms of dimension.

Amazon has arrived in Milan – Italy

The new headquarter of Amazon in Monte Grappa street in Milan

Amazon – the giant of the e-commerce – has chosen Milan for its European headquarter, taking cue from other multinational corporations of the new economy like Google, Linkedin, Microsoft and Samsung and of the finance sector like Unicredit and BNP Paribas. The new Amazon occupy a strategic place, the core of Porta Nuova, that in the last years has attracted the most important energies of the city, contributing also to the architectural development.

The regeneration project was signed by the design studio GBPA Architects (Federica De Leva and Antonio Gioli). The complex is developed on two adjoining buildings and a covered central square with 4 major elevators. The glazing façade was changed to favor the interaction between internal and external environments.

The interior design was edited by the Spanish architect Barnabé Rodriguez of JLL, who designed the space in order to facilitate the integration between teams, with different conference rooms adaptable to many uses; there are some areas dedicated to the collaboration between working groups, business centers and rooms for the conference calls and video conferences. The offices are used by more than 400 employees on 15 floors (9 in a building and 6 in the other one) covering 17.500 sqm.

In some internal areas Newfloor has provided and installed about 500sqm of Freefloor, the loose-lay solution with ceramic tile Lea Ceramiche District Boulevard cement effect dim. 90x90cm. Freefloor is the innovative loose-lay system that allows a quick and easy installation without glue or other adhesives, using tiles of different materials (ceramic, marble, granite) and completely independent one to each other. The tiles are rectified and beveled, the pvc edge is added on every side and finally a special rubber is  glued on the bottom side.

The Freefloor system can be used on every type of floor, from traditional to raised ones, in a simple and quick way; the only necessary thing is a pre-treatment with a self-leveling concrete in case of non-planar surfaces. This product is ideal for the renovation of already existent floors or to realize shops, showrooms, fairs, museums and many others projects.

X-FLOOR for internal use: the case of Ferrinox

The most suitable solution to meet a limited construction site need

With the celebration of the 30 years of activity, Ferrinox inaugurated the new offices and Newfloor was responsible for supplying 250 sqm of raised access floor.

Ferrinox is an Italian company based in Resana (Treviso), established on the stainless steel processing market by focusing on quality and production flexibility, ranging from furniture to the food sector, from industrial gastronomy to household appliances and much more.

For the new offices, Newfloor proposed the X-floor raised access floor: stoneware panel coupled to a ceramic support, glued together and with an interposed shatterproof fiberglass mesh. These elements make the panel incombustible and waterproof. The dry installation of the system, without any adhesives or stuccos that require long rest times, allowed Newfloor to meet the needs of rapid delivery and access to the site as requested by the customer.

Furthermore, with the X-floor we overcame the huge gap of the reduced height present on this site: in fact, the panel is 26 mm thick and the substructure installed is only 5.7 cm with a regulation between 4.5 and 7 cm.

The X-floor panel is particularly recommended for both internal and external installation. Finally, its composition makes it very resistant to loads, despite its reduced thickness.

Newfloor and the new offices of Plastic System

It’s a pleasure for us to contribute to the renovation of a company, above all when it represents the growing of a company of our territory. It’s the case of Plastic System, a leader in the field of the machinery for the sector of plastics processing. It’s a positive example of a company that has been able to endure the economical crisis and to continue increasing.

For this project Newfloor has chosen different floors for different needs. For the major part of the internal area it has been used a calcium sulphate panel 30mm thk 1.100 kg/mc density, with a top covering in ceramic tile Italgraniti Materia D.

For what concerns the exhibition room it has been chosen a calcium sulphate panel 30mm thk 1.500 kg/mc density, with a steel substructure SNFM, with a medium stringer in order to increase the mechanical capacity of the panel. For the offices it has been installed a steel substructure SNFS without stringers.

Finally, the terrace. For the external terrace we’ve used a x-floor panel, a ceramic support combined with a top covering in ceramic tile Imola Creative concrete grey and a glass fiber in the middle. For the support we’ve used pvc pedestals.

The renovation of the ancient Saint Augustine convent of the XV century – Lucca

A positive example of school buildings

One year ago there was just an ancient and largely abandoned monastery, destined to a progressive degradation. Now, thanks to the province of Lucca and to an agreement signed in 2015 between the government of the province and the state domain, there is a new school, the high school for music “Passaglia”, situated in the ancient, historic centre of Lucca. It’s a place for music training in a city with a huge tradition in this field and that contributes to consolidate the identity and the vocation of Lucca, the city of music. The project and the renovation has been cured by the architect Francesca Lazzari, director of the technical office of the  province of Lucca. The new classrooms are technically avant-garde: the project aimed to improve the structural safety of the building, even with regards to seismic events. It has also been possible to meet the most advanced criteria of energy saving and the use of eco-friendly material; moreover the historic and architectural elements lost in the previous years have been recovered thanks to the last intervention.

For this delicate project two of our products have been selected: the radiant heating Radiafloor and the S-Lock System for its anti-seismic performance. Newfloor has produced about 700sqm of raised floor composed by G30HAK panels 60x60cm, with a core of 30mm thk calcium sulphate 1500kg/mc density combined with the radiant module Radiafloor at the bottom and the porcelain finish at the top. For the substructure we have provided the innovative anti-seismic and self-centering system S-Lock System, which also improves the mechanical characteristics of the floor.

Photographer: Benvenuto Saba

A Company Reborn: the new headquarter Ofmecc – Mirandola

Like a Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

In May 2012, some eartquakes destroyed all the churches and many of the factories in the area of Emilia Romagna. Many of productive activities suffered extensive damage.

One of these Companies was OFMECC, that was founded in Mirandola (Mo) in 1974 and serves the metalworking and mechanical industries with research, projects, and drawings. They’re supplyier of components, units, and machines for the household appliance, industrial, and agricultural sectors.

For this project we provided over 750 sqm of raised access flooring in calcium sulphate with 1.500 kg/m3 of density, thk 30 mm, with aluminium foil on bottom and covered by ceramic grés  Cotto d’Este, dimension 60×90 cm composed by two ceramic 30×90 cm bonded together.

In the hall, just to balance the cold air retorn from the sliding doors, we applied Radiafloor, raised flooring with integral heating.

The whole substructure adopted is S-lock System AS, our patented system that guarantees the integrity of raised access flooring during a seismic event, therefore allowing people to reach the emergency exit and to leave the premises quickly.

Easy House System: Modular Building System – Milan

Easy House System: Triennale Milano 2016 "21st Century. Design After Design"

“Easy House” is a building system based on the use of modular components and innovative materials, characterized by high energy performance. This system employes sustainable, lightweight and easy to assemble building technologies.

Newfloor is technical partner of this interesting project designed and patented in collaboration with Studio Armando Coppola – Engineering and Architecture, during the Triennale of Milan 2016.

For the occasion a habitation module mock-up has been set up and accessible by the visitors: a chance to see and try our raised floor solutions applied in the field of design and innovation building.

SIT Group new headquarter – San Marino

Today SIT GROUP has three production establishments

The project built by Antao Progetti and Studio Archimedia, involves the construction of a new industrial building conveniently connected through an underpass the current headquarters of the company SIT, this is the only possibility to expand to meet new production requirements and organizational. The complex is organized on different levels: – BELOW SECOND where is the stock cylinder and the technical rooms; – IN THE UNDERLYING mezzanine floor you can find a 71 parking spaces; – BELOW FIRSTwhere you can find the production; – From GROUND to THIRD FLOOR we developed offices , laboratories, and services by creating a new direction headquarters for the S.I.T. GROUP. On the same level you can find 31 parking spaces , connected to the access road through adequate ramp.

The SIT GROUP has been operating for many years on the Flexible Packaging market, supplying Clients in the sector of Food Stuffs and Non Food Stuffs, with the most appropriate packaging solutions, technologically advanced, secure and respectful of the Environment and capable of guaranteeing the success of their products.
The activity of the Group and the printing is of the highest quality, in the technology of rotogravure and Flexography on transparent, paper based laminated  or metalized films, with or without solvents – and with specific treatments in regards with the graphical  needs and product protection.

For this project we supplied over 3.400 smq of raised access floor composed by core in calcium sulphate thk. 30 mm with 1.500 kg/m3 of density, sixe 60×120 cm covering with ceramic tiles Ceramica del Conca from San Marino with wood effect, cut and reassembled into 20×120 cm slabs.

Headquarters of Irinox – Treviso

Irinox: over 20 years of success

Over the years Irinox has specialized in the production of electrical enclosures and blast chillers, becoming market leader in both fields and a benchmark for quality in all its products.

The project was carried out by Studio De Luca Associati of san Giacomo di Veglia, with Arch. alessandro De Luca, while the interior design was created by Mzc+ of Treviso with. Arch. Giuseppe Cangialosi.

In this project we supplied raised access floor composed by core in calcium sulphate thk. 30 mm with 1.500 kg/m3 of density, covering with ceramic tiles Cotto D’Este,  Buxy Perle collection, size 60×60 cm.

Angola Pavilion at Expo 2015 – Milan

Angolan project architect Paula Nascimiento, where the figure and the role of women is put at the center of everything

In view of the Universal Expo 2015 in Milan, we were interviewed in more than a few occasions to help achieve a proud Italian : Milano 2015 Feeding the Planet , Energy for Life .We manufactured and supplied for this great event pavilions and service facilities .On this occasion, we’ll tell you about the biggest African pavilion at Expo 2015: the Angola Pavilion.

At its exhibition space, Angola seeks to showcase Angolan food and fare that can be used to create better and healthier lifestyles for future generations. Angola has chosen to elaborate the theme of Expo Milano 2015, Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life: focusing on the culture and soul of the African nation through its varied and traditional cuisine, with its theme of: Educate to Innovate.

The concept of education is interpreted here as awareness of nutrition in Angolan society from schools to universities, the re-definition of norms and regulations of local production and imports, and the introduction of quality checks in local markets. The concept of innovation has two aspects: one, based on the constant encouragement of traditional local practices that are both healthy and sustainable. The other, to integrate the best technologies that science can offer for a robust sustainable development. The role of women is central to Angolan society – from food preparation to domestic economy, from family hygiene to education; they are at the heart of its traditions.

The Pavilion of Angola is characterized by the shape of a stylized African baobab at the center of the structure.In this architecture we provided 500 sqm of raised access flooring in calcium sulphate with 1.500 kg/m3 of density, thk 34 mm, with steel tray on bottom and vynil on top.

A house for the Solar Decathlon competition – Versailles

The DTU Technical University of Denmark project, which involved the use of Freefloor flooring

We often talk about synergies between companies and universities, research and industry, with a view to mutual growth and enrichment.
For Newfloor, this opportunity arose thanks to the University of Denmark, which asked the company to supply flooring for a project taking part in Solar Decathlon 2014, the major international event for zero energy buildings.

The project by the DTU Technical University of Denmark was awarded eighth place. It created great enthusiasm among the researchers and students who took part in its implementation and aroused much curiosity among visitors to the event held in Versailles.

“It was one of the first enquiries we received in 2014 from our website, from Dott. Luca Gennari, an Italian student at the DTU Technical University of Denmark,” comments Giada Battistello – Sales Account at Newfloor.

The request was simple and concise: ”The competition basically involves a project for a sustainable prefabricated house, covering an area from 50-150 square metres, with zero energy consumption. The house will be built (scale 1:1), tested and made accessible to the general public for a period of three weeks. We are interested in your Freefloor product to cover the floor of our house.”

Newfloor immediately believed in the project, confident about the potential of Freefloor and proving, once again, that it was able to quickly and precisely meet the needs of any customer, for any type of installation.

“Some samples of the flooring were initially sent – continued Giada Battistello – and after being examined by various architects at the university, they were accepted and acknowledged for use in the project. The supply was for 60 square metres of satin grey Freefloor Silent 60×60”.

Birmingham Library – UK

The Library of Birmingham is a transparent glass building. Its delicate filigree skin is inspired by the artisan tradition

The Library of Birmingham, built by Dutch architects Mecanoo, is the largest library in Europe, with a total area of 31.000 square meters
and nine floors housing millions of books, but also a 300 seats auditorium, multifunctional facilities, gardens and cafes.

Officially opened in 2013, the library has been designed as a public space that may reconnect the city’s urban fabric giving a new identity to
Centenary Square, the largest square in Birmingham. Newfloor, in collaboration with its national supplier of porcelain stoneware – the
Company Mirage Spa – has been awarded this important project providing over 7.000 square meters of raised floor.

The large degree of customisation and attention to detail in every single piece required considerable effort on the part of Newfloor’s staff, which was engaged
in a comprehensive and prolonged study with designers and commissioners, to define a solution that would ensure both high aesthetic impact and superior performance in terms of resistance and safety.

In fact, one of the key requirements for the award of the project was to supply a raised floor that would ensure the highest load capacity, that is load ‘Class 6’. This class corresponds to a permissible breaking load ≥ 1.200kg in the middle of the side of the panel. To obtain this feature, Newfloor adopted appropriate measures, such as using a thick steel reinforcement and a particularly resistant raised metal structure.

The raised floor consists of 34 mm thick calcium sulphate panels measuring 60×120 cm, covered with Made in Italy stoneware – supplied by the Mirage Company – from the marble range, statuary white, pre-polished, cut and reassembled into 20×120 cm slabs. The typical grain pattern of this stoneware was customised during the baking process according to the taste of the designers who attended these operations at the Mirage site in Modena – Italy.

Arsenal, Zadar – Croatia

New use for an old building

Arsenal is a multifunctional space of 1.800 m2 in which the whole concept was implemented as an “indoor town square”. This is about an active space which is open to the community, a place where, next to the significance of the building, there have been new reasons implemented to continue the existence and it now provides a different purpose.

Arsenal is now a meeting place, a place where people can exchange views and form new opinions, where people promote business opportunities, where unique events are organized, a place to simply socialize with good music.

As a cultural and conference center, Arsenal is a place with unique conditions for concerts, presentations, receptions, conferences, private parties, exhibitions as well as commercial events.

Newfloor intsalled 3 tipes of raised access floor:

– Core: th. 38 mm high density chipboard 720 kg/m³, with top covering: 8/9 slates of stained Iroko veneer panel, size 60×120 cm;

– Core: th. 38 mm high density chipboard 720 kg/m³, with top covering: AISI 304 Stainless steel, Checks décor, size 60×60 cm;

– Core: th. 38 mm high density chipboard 720 kg/m³ with top covering in rubber, size 60×60 cm.

Headquarters of Pittini Group – Udine

A project carried out through a partnership between companies from Friuli Venezia Giulia - Italy

The construction of the new headquarters of Pittini Group, designed by Progetto CMR, involved our participation thanks to the sinergy created between Newfloor and Companies leader in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

In this project we supplied over 3.700 smq of raised access floor composed by core in calcium sulphate thk. 30 mm with 1.100 kg/m3 of density, covering with ceramic tiles Casalgrande Padana, Meteor collection, colour grey, size 600×600 mm.

Clothes Shop – Milan

"CIAO CIAO" Shop into Bennet Commercial Center - Milan

With the collaboration of Ricci Casa, well-known Italian retailer of finishings, Newfloor was hired to make the floor of the new “Ciao Ciao” clothing chain store opening at the Bennet Shopping Centre in Sedriano (MI). Ricci Casa, which supervised all renovation works for the client, had the opportunity to use Newfloor products and recommended them for all other new stores of same chain, so that the company was awarded another work at the “Le Ginestre” Shopping Centre in Celano (AQ).

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