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Newfloor presents the Pedagogical Raised Floor at the Fuorisalone event in Milan 2024

During the event A Casa Ovunque ’24 – Human Technology, held from April 15 to 21 at the Tortona area in Via Savona 35, Milan, Newfloor presents its Pedagogical Raised Floor in the impressive Smart Loft space.

The theme of the event is EDUCATIONAL: Newfloor proposes creating a stimulating and interactive environment for children, using the floor as an educational tool. It features materials with olfactory characteristics such as Linoleum and Alpine Hay by Organoid, along with a wide variety of other colorful materials and textures to engage children’s senses.

In the exhibition space, in collaboration with other brands, a playful yet educational area is created, with interactive activities such as the Hopscotch game and the installation of Lumifloor LED, an innovative system designed to backlight translucent coverings and create unique and engaging multisensory experiences that enrich the educational environment. Additionally, there is a metal panel where children can play with magnets, promoting interaction and creativity.

Newfloor’s Pedagogical Raised Floor offers numerous advantages for educational environments, stimulating children’s creativity, imagination, and cognitive development. With a wide range of design and material options, Newfloor is committed to creating safe, comfortable, and welcoming environments for children.

Thanks to Samuel for inspiring us.

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