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LUMIFLOOR: the floor that glows

The innovative product to bring light to our raised floors


Newfloor is always looking for innovative products, as Lumifloor, one of the 2020 new products.

Lumifloor is an integration to our raised floor system and it’s suitable both for the indoor and the outdoor version. It’s used on the ceramic tiles and it’s available in 4 different colours (lunar white, yellow-green, ocean blue, aquamarine green).

These natural pigments are capable of capture and retain sunlight or artificial light and then returning it in the dark up to a maximum of 8 hours with decreasing intensity, in a total eco-sustainable way. The illumination principle of Lumifloor is durable and remains intact throughout the lifecycle of the raised floor.

Lumifloor can be used also for the creation of company logos, writings or simple directional lines. It’s perfect for highlighting emergency routes in an easy and immediate way, but also to bring light to some areas during the night, such as terraces, paths or swimming pool edges.

Come and discover Lumifloor and other products!

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