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Newfloor presents Ecopur with sanitizing properties


Dear customers, suppliers and friends,

in this period the attention to the sanitization and purifying of the environment in which we live and work is constantly increasing. From this need was born the idea of studying a product to be applied on our raised floors.

ECOPUR® is a high performance protective micro resin on new technology which gives to the treated area the capacity of activate the oxygen molecules in every condition of light or darkness, 24 hours a day,  breaking down dust and removing odors. In this way the environment appears more pure and healthier.

The antibacterial property is guaranteed thanks to micro silver salts and particles inside, to prevent the proliferation of bacteria. The product was tested on our raised floor giving us great results. The product is applied during the production of the panels, to avoid treatments at the end of the installation. The raised floor will result already treated and ready to be used, with its capacity of purifying the air, sanitizing the environments and removing the odors.

For any other information or request please do not hesitate to contact us!

Newfloor Team