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Step it up for Giò

In Newfloor’s perspective, “Step it up” means striving for excellence and delivering value. Market promise, but not only. It has been 3 years since Newfloor began supporting Giò, a 6-year-old boy from Cittadella suffering from tibial hemimelia. He had to fight since birth to be able to walk, run, and live again. After only 20 days of life, the first casts and braces.  Then the diagnosis: total right tibial hemimelia. One in a million children are born with this rare congenital disease characterized by tibial deformity and deficiency.

His brave family never gave up. Finally, after many examinations and investigations in Italy and in Florida, Dr. Paley gave Giò a new chance to walk again by reconstructing the limb. But there is a long, difficult, and expensive path that requires surgeries and hospitalizations only available in the United States.

A new challenge begins, which Newfloor decided to support by giving sweets baskets to its customers as a Christmas present. The proceeds will benefit Giò’s medical care.

“Step it up”, we aim the best for Giò. Let’s help Giò and his family sharing this story. Our customers will post their photo with Giò’s sweets on social media.

Support Giò also with a direct donation