Rete vendita



This Year marks the 30th anniversary since the founding of Newfloor

During these times, it is increasingly difficult for companies to reach an important milestone as the thirty years of activity, and in this situation it is natural to spare a thought for those who have taken part in the life and growth of our company.
This anniversary is just a stage of our journey: we still have the tenacity, the passion and the same vivacity of the beginning, and still have many dreams and projects to be realized

30 years of corporate coherence, courageous decisions, strong vocation, strategies and success. Years of continuous work to find solutions in line with the times for domestic and foreign market. We have improved our know-how and have developed a large range of solutions that today represent our corporate assets. In 30 years many things have changed, but we still retain the values that marks our Made in Italy, preserving the care and the passion arisen from a family adventure.

30 years, during which we have met the lives of the people who have contributed to our business success and it’s to them that Newfloor manifests its gratitude and sincere appreciation.

A special thanks to all our customers, partners, suppliers, friends and colleagues who in recent years have trusted in us aiming at a profitable collaboration and who have been and will continue to be the protagonists of our history, a story that we have never got tired of telling in 30 years.

Umberto Matterazzo, President